Payroll Report

Put payroll confusion to rest with accurate reporting

Maintaining precise payroll information can be challenging. That’s where BrightHR’s Payroll Navigator comes in…

  • Securely store your employees’ payroll details
  • Generate and download accurate timesheet reports
  • Make sure the details you give to HMRC are correct
  • Tick all those legal boxes with expert advice

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Create accurate payroll reports in half the time

Falling behind on your payroll reporting isn’t an option. Especially if you’re trying to avoid the wrath of HMRC. Luckily, our Payroll Navigator helps you get payroll reporting right.

  • Know exactly where to find your payroll information with central storage
  • Easily access and cross-reference information thanks to detailed logs
  • Download payroll reports and provide HMRC with up to date information
  • Keep a secure payroll archive to meet your legal requirements

Make payroll painless with detailed HR reports

If the very thought of payroll reporting makes you cringe, then our Payroll Navigator tool is exactly what you need. Our navigator supports you with a range of common payroll reports including:

  • Absence
  • Annual leave
  • Timesheet
  • Staff information
  • Payroll exceptions
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Discover what more BrightHR has to offer

Coming soon - Get a digital payroll solution that syncs HR with payroll to streamline your payroll process. Plus, get reliable advice from CIPP-qualified payroll experts.

Coming soon - Save time, stress, and the cost of an in-house expert, when you let our CIPP-qualified team handle your payroll process. We’ll even deal directly with HMRC for you.

Create, assign, and edit shifts and rotas with ease across ANY working pattern. Plus bring flexibility with our new open shifts feature.

Never be understaffed thanks to easy-to-use absence management software that gives you real-time notifications and EAP resources for extended sick leave.

Make your staff holiday management a breeze. Approve holiday requests on the go, get notified of clashes, and get a single view of your entire teams schedule.

Get a real-time view of who’s clocked in, out, or on a break by letting staff clock their own hours on our Blip App.

Expert legal advice for your business

Don’t let the pressures of payroll get to you.

We know that’s easier said than done, which is why our employment law experts are available 24/7 on our BrightAdvice helpline.

Get the payroll advice you need in an instant, and all the answers to your urgent questions without wasting your time or risking a payroll mistake.

Plus, it’s the easiest way to stay up-to-date on employment law changes.

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See what you can do with BrightHR’s Payroll Navigator

Seeing is believing, and you’ll need to see our payroll report for yourself to explore all the ways it lets you safely store employees details, help you understand key payroll terms, run and download reports and much more!

You can also see how our software lets you meet your specific business needs by booking a free demo with our experts.

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Q. Can HR software help me with my finances?

Yes. Wages are often the biggest expense for businesses, and HR software like BrightHR is all about transforming your people management for the better.

BrightHR offers you a host of tools to help businesses of all sizes benefit from cost savings and cutting out vast amounts of admin—thereby making more time and scope to grow your business.

In addition to our Payroll Navigator, which helps you produce payroll reports that meet all your legal requirements, we also give you an easy-to-use expense tracking app. Our business expense and mileage tracker app keeps accurate expense records that help you maximise tax savings.

Q. How long do I legally need to store payroll information?

Q. Can I purchase the Payroll Navigator tool separately?

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