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Nov 30th

Garden design planner – The vertical garden, also known as the ‘green wall’, consists of a wall covered with vegetation. When you want a little green in your home, but you do not have the space to create a’normal’ garden, or maybe a Zen garden, this is the solution. If you have a wall to cover, you do not need anything else to create a vertical garden. The inventor of the vertical garden, or vegetable wall, is Patrick Blanc, a French botanist, who has become famous all over the world. The vertical garden is used above all in the city, where green and space are scarce.

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Initially people thought that such a thing was impossible, but Patrick Blanc’s invention was very successful in a short time. The fundamental aspect is therefore the optimization of spaces. You do not need a large space in front of your house. Not everyone has a courtyard, but this does not mean you have to give up having a garden. The advantages of a vertical garden are truly numerous. First and foremost the reduction of pollution. In fact, it reduces the greenhouse effect and cleans the air from polluting powders and toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde.

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It produces oxygen. Therefore it improves the quality of the air and for this it brings undeniable benefits for those lucky enough to dwell nearby. The choice of plants must be carried out with great care. As for the creation of any other type of garden, also for the vertical garden design planner it is necessary to take into account the sun exposure of the wall. And also the specific climatic conditions of the area. Obviously in an area that receives more sun you will have more plants available. But even if the area was shady, you can still find suitable vegetation.

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Also evaluate the type of plants based on their weight. The load to be incurred for the vertical garden design planner must be proportionate to the structure you have chosen. For the conservation of a vertical garden, always recommend plants that do not need much maintenance. The green wall is not wallpaper or a green painting, which you put it on and then you’re fine. For this you need to choose vegetation that does not need great care. Or for those who want to completely eliminate the maintenance can opt for artificial vertical gardens.

Because, as you can imagine. The maintenance of the natural vertical garden is a bit ‘difficult and certainly must rely to an expert who also has the appropriate equipment. The plants that are usually chosen are: grasses, resistant to both cold and heat; gramigna, in winter it goes to rest, a sort of lethargy and in spring returns green. To keep plants alive vertically, an automatic irrigation system is needed, which will provide moisture to the entire vegetative layer. Obviously the vertical garden must also be fertilized. To do this it is necessary that a valve of the irrigation system emits liquid fertilizer.