Painting Wood Cooler Table

Jan 20th

Imagine wood cooler table on your terrace, for barbecues or snacks with friends, or even in your living room. Or in a bar, and always have the cold drink and right in the center of the table. It is increasingly common that instead of buying new furniture, they are given a new use to those who already have, painting and decorating. Thus, you can give a completely different style to our rural houses or flats, to a room, or you can renew the general appearance of the home. The first thing to do is to sand the entire surface well. This step is very important because in this way we manage to eliminate the remains of varnish or paint that the furniture can have. In the case of having a piece of furniture that does not have varnish or paint, this step could be dispensed with. So everything, you will always achieve a better finish if you sand the surface a little.

Wood Cooler Table Ideas

When sanding wood cooler table, it is important to go in the same direction to the grain of the wood. In addition, if the same direction of sanding is maintained throughout the furniture, we will avoid the appearance of marks on the wood. After thoroughly cleaning the dust surface with a damp cloth, let it dry thoroughly. It is now the turn of the primer or sealer layer. This previous layer that is applied to the furniture is the basis for a good grip of the new color. In this case, a layer of sealer will be more than enough. In addition, it is not necessary for the primer to be uniform throughout the entire surface. Keep in mind that its function will improve the grip of the subsequent paint. It must be allowed to dry following the manufacturer’s instructions. It can also be sanded smoothly once it has dried.

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Nowadays there are also some paintings that already have the sealer or priming base incorporated. In these cases, this second step will not be necessary, but we must ensure that it is a quality painting to avoid future problems. Once the primer has dried thoroughly, and if we have sanding smoothly, it will be time to apply the new color to the furniture. In general, to achieve a good job, it is recommended to apply two coats of enamel or paint. It is important to let paint dry between both hands so that the paint will better grip the surface. When painting, the most recommended is to paint thin layers of paint to make the finish more professional. We will have to give more hands, but we will avoid problems that may arise if the paint layer of each hand is too thick.

To paint wood cooler table, you can use both foam rulers and brushes. In cases where the surface has a relief or drawing, it is best to use the brush. In the smoothest areas, a small foam roller can be used. In this second case, it is recommended to paint slowly and smoothly and without pressing too much, to avoid bubbles. If we observe that there is some layer of paint that by too much or by dripping has been a little bad, it can be sanded smoothly before giving the next layer. In this case, the paint must be dry at all to avoid problems when sanding. It is very important to let the furniture dry at least 24 hours once we have finished painting.

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