Making Faux Balcony Railing

Sep 10th

Faux balcony railing – Railings and balusters are an integral part of a staircase. The handrail is the horizontal bar of a stair railing, and balusters are the vertical columns below the railing. The purpose of rails and bars should not offer structural support for the stairs, but as a safety measure to prevent people and pets from losing their balance and falling off the ladder. The owners install different styles of handrails and balusters for stairs, attic and outdoor terraces.  Faux balconies have no floor and are built only on appearances. The handrails and balusters with balconies are usually made of iron. Balusters and iron balcony balustrades are seen in classic European-style houses or modern buildings. Balcony railings have flattened surfaces or continuous sloping topped and bars have right, shaped belly or lap designs.

False Balcony Railing

The addition of decorative elements to the outside of your home can improve your visual appearance. A decorative element you can build for your home is faux balcony railing or terrace facade. This is a structure built to appear as a true balcony, but in reality it does not support weight. The materials for this project can be obtained at a home improvement store. Measure the width of the window where you want to build the false balcony. Add five inches to this measurement. Locate the studs on the exterior wall with the study finder. Attach a beam support to each right foot with a nail gun, three to four inches below the bottom of the window.

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Measure a board by 2 by 6 to six inches and cut the board with the circular saw. Cut an additional 2 by 6 card to this length of each joist. Place one of the 2 of 6 boards on a joist and secure with the nail gun. Repeat this step to connect the 2 of 6 remaining boards to each joist. Measure and cut a 2 by 6 board to the width of the window. Place the gasket on the end of the boards 2 by 6 and secure with the nail gun.

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Measure and cut 2 by 4 boards to the width of the terrace. Secure the boards of the upper part of the terrace to the floor. This is to provide a finished look for the faux balcony railing. Drill a hole in the floor at each corner of the terrace with the electric drill. Set a pole handrail over each hole and secure with a round head screw. Tighten the carriage bolts by using the pipe wrench. Make a mark 4 inches below the top on the side of each handrail post. Set the 2 by 2 inch railing in place on these marks between the railing posts and secure with screws. Measure the railing and make a mark every 4 inches. Set a baluster on each mark and align using the level. Secure the baluster from the railing and the side of the balcony with screws.

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