Large Slate Tiles Design

Jan 23rd

Large slate tiles are a porous sedimentary rock that is used for flooring or coating either indoors or outdoors. It is very durable and provides an organic and rustic surface to an area. If you lay sandstone yourself, make sure you put it in the right way. You may need to cut plates to fit around the edges or corners. Large slate is the softest stone used in construction, so soft that you can actually remove pieces of it with your hands. One might think this property would make it meaningless to build, but it is actually a prominent building material. You need to take into account its brittle nature before attempting to paint it. Protection and delicacy are required and if you achieve this, you can get the perfect coat on sandstone.

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Rent or borrow a diamond lace knife. You need a strong power tool to cut through large slate. If it is not sharp or fast enough, the stone can crack or you will not be able to penetrate it. Draw chalk lines on the large slate tiles to be cut. Use a ruler and a piece of chalk to mark these lines. Check at least twice to make sure you have done this correctly. If it’s wrong, you cannot put the plate back together. Remember to leave room for a single door. For example, if you measure 9.5 inches cut the plate at 9 inches to leave a 0.25 inch gap each side of the plate. Place the plate on a firm surface for cutting. Still place it on a sand tire or something stable. If you do not have a sandbag, you can lean it towards the edge of a sidewalk, a pavement s maul or on a bed of brick. This gives you damping between the ground and the plate, so you do not cut the path below or hit grass.

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Assess the surroundings where you plan to cut the large slate tiles. It will create a significant amount of dust so bring pets or spectators from the area. Make sure you are approximately 6.5 meters away from the walls to give you enough room to maneuver. Turn on the blade and start cutting sandstone. Start from one side and move to others at a steady pace. Hold the blade with two hands for full control. Cut halfway down the plate. Sandstone plate should snap along the chalk line. Hit the plate with a strong, strong bump from the hammer.

If it does not crack, go back over the line with the blade again. This is an appropriate straight line technique. Buy or rent a spray paint gun to paint sandstone. As the surface you work on is likely to be very large, it is the most effective way to apply the color. Sweep the color gradually over the wall, ensuring a smooth coverage. Another advantage of a paint gun is that the color comes into the cracks in the large slate. Use a spray-ready lacquer to apply to sandstone when the paint layer has dried. This gives your painted sandstone with added protection.