Enjoy Outdoor Whitewashing Brick Fireplace

Nov 9th

I love to cook and share with family, it’s an experience! When we meet on weekends we have such a good time that we want to repeat it, and of course it is likely that cause of this success is barbecue we have in patio! Undoubtedly our friend is one who does all work, it is as if we had a magnet that attracts us to him and melts us with delights we prepare. But … What happens when we do not have a barbecue at home? Is everything lost? Or can we recover? Build a whitewashing brick fireplace barbecue is simplest!

Unique Whitewashing Brick Fireplace

For this reason we want to teach you to do it yourself, you have to take into account design, base, grill, instructions for maintenance and rest of tools that are needed to enjoy it in big. When it comes to building a grill, first thing you should consider is to have a design sketch that you would like to have at home. In this way, you will know specifically what you want, how much material you will need, what type of distribution you prefer and other details. Of course, you must consider exact measurements so that everything is perfectly at time of construction.

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If you are short on ideas, we recommend reading our ideas books on grills where you can see numerous models and unique designs, when you’re ready it’s a matter of getting ready! Materials! The best thing about building whitewashing brick fireplace grill is that it is very economical because you can get building materials from a specialized store. By having final design in hand, you can think about where to install your grill and you can proceed to prepare base. Many people build it with cement, bricks, concrete, and even stones, because they are ideal to support a lot of weight. To do this, we recommend digging a few centimeters and pouring concrete, to make base using self-leveling cement.

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Then, place bricks stacked one centimeter apart and continue with rest of design. When base is formed, rest is a piece of cake! Then what you must do is join bricks with a cement mixture: Take a bucket; pour part of cement, mix with water and sand. At moment of being all compact you are raising work. If you have doubts, consult a mason to advise you. But it’s not difficult at all, you take brick by brick and put mixture in base, then you settle it carefully so that everything is firm and even.

At time of being dry and firm, you should only continue with other rows until you have completed all work. And if you continue with doubts … Call an expert! For those who love grill, barbecue and have never built anything in their entire lives: What we recommend is to choose a practical and simple model to make. You do not have to complicate your life in wanting to make a domed oven; rather you could make one in form of a pyramid and finish it with a whitewashing brick fireplace.