How to Convert Table Cooler Box

Jan 21st

Table cooler box – If you are looking for new ways to grow your lifestyle and save large amounts of electricity, this is one of the best! Regular upright refrigerators draw a lot of power. But there is a very easy and cheap way to convert a freezer to a refrigerator that can save a lot of electricity and money for years to come.

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Even if you already have a table cooler box, read this first before you go to the next step. Although all freezers work some are more suitable for this application than others.  Get one with manual defrosting. Avoid automatic defrosting devices because you will not try to keep the walls from icing over (plus they use a lot more electricity).  Less is not always better. Larger freezers usually use less power per cubic foot than a smaller one. You can determine this by comparing each unit’s energy guide that shows the calculated electrical usage per year. Of course it’s crowded then you may not have much choice yet. Since freezers run too cold, even at the lowest setting, you need an external thermostat to control the temperature. These can be purchased from most brewing stores (I think my came from Home Brewers Outpost).

Basically all you need to do is connecting the external thermostat to an electrical outlet then connect the table cooler box to the thermostat. In order for the thermostat to work properly, place the temperature sensor somewhere in the freezer. Snaking the cable in from the back under the lid and tape it on the inside wall works very well. A battery powered fan aerator is completely optional, but a highly recommended addition. By placing this fan in the bottom of the refrigerator will push the colder air top which gives a more consistent overall temperature. That’s it! I hope you and your wallet enjoy saving some electricity! How much can you save? We replaced our standard upright with two 14.8 CF units, one as a freezer and one as a refrigerator. In the summer the refrigerator consumes approximately 300 watts per day, ending a little less than the estimated 970 watts. Leave a comment below and let me know how your becomes!

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Tips and warnings

Release foods you use more frequently at the top of the fridge like milk, eggs, vegetables, etc. . . . The bottom of the refrigerator will collect water and must be cleaned out about a week or two. Does not worry about leaving the lid open when you take things in or out because the cold air is trapped and cannot get out? Many freezing problems can be fixed with some troubleshooting. If the problem is an engine, it is best to call a professional because it can be difficult to fix without special tools. Otherwise, the freezer problem is a clogged ice maker or drain drainage and cracked hose  pipes that can be easily attached to any household tools and a visit to the hardware store. Most often, the problem is a dirty condenser battery or frozen hardware that requires defrosting.