Brick Edging Ideas of Lawn and Trees

May 1st

Brick edging ideas – Brick edges will give your garden a distinctive edge that can also be useful in keeping divisions between your garden and your yards and the corridors clear. Cobbles, that there are no holes in them, create a solid edge. The bricks can be laid flat. So that they can be cut or placed vertically, partially in a trench, from a raised edge. If you are interested in adding brick borders to green areas, there are a variety of ways to do it and numerous styles that you can try.

Top Creative Garden Edging Ideas

Basket weave pattern

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A basket weave pattern is created by setting two cobbles together along its long side, creating a square. The first two paving stones receive a horizontal orientation. The next two are given a vertical orientation and the entire row is staggered in that way. When the second row begins, the first two pavers are set vertically, and that row is staggered in a similar way. This creates a pattern that can be adapted to corridors or patios, as well as brick borders.

Stretcher link pattern

The link pattern of the stretcher is the most common seen in brick walls. Consider the simplest to install, is to put a row of bricks put end-to-end, then place the next row. So that each point of the bricks in the second row is directly on the center point of a brick in the first row. The pattern continues for each successive row.

Herringbone pattern

The fishbone pattern is the most complex of brick edging ideas available, but it can be rewarding if you are willing to take the time for it. In this pattern, the bricks are placed end to end at a right angle. This is a very eye-catching model and can be a great option for an area of your lawn that looks a bit normal or a bit empty. One of the biggest advantages of this model is that it can withstand a great pressure without inclination. When the herringbone pattern is used, the empty triangles along the edges can be filled with triangular pavers made specifically for that purpose.

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Meanwhile, brick edging ideas around a tree defines the border and dresses to the base of the tree. The brick edging helps integrate the trees into the rest of the garden. And also makes an ideal border if you plan on planting flowers or vegetation around the base of the tree. A brick ring around a tree is a relatively easy project can be completed in a weekend. A brick border around a base of the tree that gives you two main options for positioning.

Lay the bricks horizontally for a low, the entire border. Or place the bricks at the end so that the short edge sticks up from the ground. The horizontal method of the installation usually leaves the bricks even with the floor line. Allowing you to mow the lawn to the edge of the grass to facilitate lawn maintenance. With the second option, the bricks reach deeper into the ground to provide more than one barrier to the area within the tree ring.


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