Best Front Porch Awning Ideas

Dec 27th

Front Porch Awning Ideas– Awnings have the advantage of being more than just decoration for your home’s exterior. Before air conditioning came along, people used these canopies on their front porches to keep their houses cool and the sunlight out. Today, front porch awnings are used as an effective shade in order to enjoy the outdoors more. They now come in all sorts of styles, designs, and material to blend in with your furniture (or your garden).

Canvas Front Porch Awning Ideas

The benefits you get from the use of front porch awning ideas are significant. By using these to keep your home cool indoors, you save on power instead of turning on the air conditioning. They also protect your front porch from the elements, may it be strong winds, rainfall, snow, or the sun’s harmful rays. By shading your windows, they also allow you to enjoy a greater amount of privacy. In any case, whether you’re after them for how they would look on your front porch or for the benefits, front porch awnings are an investment that would last you for the long-term. In this light, how do you know what kind to purchase for your front porch?

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Starting from the basics to choose front porch awning ideas, you would first have to consider the logistics. Which parts of your front porch need coverage? Are you willing to sacrifice looks for function if it all comes down to it? It’s good to narrow down what you want so that it’s easier to sift through the many choices you’ll eventually be faced with. In terms of the material, there are two types available: aluminum and fabric. Aluminum would obviously be able to withstand the elements a whole lot better than fabric. Incredibly durable and low maintenance, you are guaranteed the best possible protection for years to come. Quality aluminum is now engineered to minimize rust and deterioration. Unfortunately your look is limited to modern metallic.

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Where front porch awning ideas made from aluminum is fails in the aesthetic department, but fabric is succeeds. It has the ability to come in hundreds of designs, shapes, and color that you’re not left wanting for choices. Additionally, fabric is much cheaper. The downside is that it requires more maintenance than aluminum with regards to washing, cleaning, and preventing it from getting dirty. Living in a place where it rains or snows a lot make this a bad choice as fabric will wear down or fade a lot faster. This material is more ideal for drier climates for it to be a good deal.

Aside from fixed front porch awning ideas, which remain attached to your front porch for the long-term, you can also give retractable awnings a shot. These are perfect for those who like entertaining guests in the porch but don’t want a permanent roof in the middle of the porch. It has a built-in mechanism, which retracts the hood with a touch of a button if guests decide that they want a bit of sunshine after all.

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