Beautiful Painting Wicker Furniture Ideas

Dec 31st

Today I propose the painting wicker furniture ideas as natural fiber to decorate our favorite places. Particularly I love the natural decoration, with a certain rustic touch, a certain touch of fairy tale and charm that many times the natural fibers contribute. Not long ago I talked about how to include, in the decoration of your wedding, some of these fibers and fabrics for the big day. Today I propose some ideas to use wicker baskets, seats, accessories and details in this beautiful fiber, which will help to give a special color to our spaces.

Painted Wicker Furniture Makeover

Now that we are in summer, you may have the idea of ​​decorating some of the rooms or perhaps the terrace. I propose this material to create a different atmosphere and full of textures. Give a new look to any space with the wicker, since this material has a place in different areas of our home. As you can see, I have put several examples to take note, and then each of us can do things as we can. The first example is found inside a children’s room. We see the wicker boxes distributed by a wonderful shelf full of spaces to store all kinds of things.

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With the help of wicker boxes you can maintain a certain order in this type of room, especially if they are for the smallest of the house. Toys, books, notebooks and all kinds of things to order fit in boxes like the ones we see. The undeniable rustic nature of the painting wicker furniture ideas makes our environments become very special and picturesque places. Add color, texture and nature to your spaces … also the wicker has a place in the bathroom. This place, so busy throughout the day, we must keep it orderly and beautiful. By adding some large baskets, you can introduce the laundry and separate it if necessary.

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You can also add some hanging baskets, to fold and organize the clean towels. As you can see some of these towels are placed in the form of a roll, we also see other types of items such as sponges or soaps that can be placed in baskets, baskets, baskets and much more in the bathroom. Remember that to give a summer wink to our spaces we have many options to decorate with wicker. You have a wide range of alternatives to choose from, to decorate your favorite spots. There is also the possibility of decorating the wicker furniture, if it is somewhat outdated, with paint of the color that you like the most.

Find all kinds of furniture and accessories both for indoor spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms … and for outdoor spaces such as patios, gardens, terraces, balconies or porches. As I said you can also customize these wicker items, painting them with the colors that you like the most. Choose happy tones for the hottest seasons of the year and other darker ones for the cold months … although of course, this is not a rule, choose the colors that you like the most! I have decided to put a beautiful painting wicker furniture ideas chair, which was a bit old and painted.