All about Vinyl Deck Railing Kits Installation

May 4th

Vinyl deck railing kits is a common option for railway installations outside. For indoor pools, patios, a vinyl lane is durable and low maintenance, with a variety of colors and styles available to suit any home. Installation is easy enough that you can install a vinyl lane to yourself, set the railing poles in place forcibly and then slide the rails into place with pre-cut holes in the post. The process can be completed quickly with results that last for decades without the fading or chipping problems associated with the wooden railing.

Lowes Deck Railing Kits

When installing the vinyl railing, pay close attention to the way to secure the railing. Most vinyl railing is secured by several support posts installed on a base surface, such as a wooden deck or concrete patio. For wooden decks, you must protect the support posts directly to the support structure below the deck, not to the deck plates. Cut through the deck plate and slide the pole through the surface of the cover to screw the support posts into place to support the beams.

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Drill anchor holes for the placement of anchor bolts for the support posts, if their installation surface is a concrete one. Make the anchor holes several inches deep for strength, and use multiple anchor bolts for each support post. Use brackets around the support posts to help provide additional stability for the decorative covers that surround the poles. The supports are the same size as the pole covers and will have to be installed perpendicular to the line that the rails will run, to keep the covers centered at the poles with the railing holes centered in the correct direction for vinyl deck railing kits installation.

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Once the support posts are installed, install the rail supports, either directly on a wall, or in the form of a decorative stand on a rail post. Slide your decorative messages onto the rail support posts, using the installed pole brackets to give additional support to the posts and keep the posts tilting at an angle. Block messages on your site using a railing plate, which is a square plate that attaches to the top of the support posts and, like the brackets, provides additional support and stability. To install the handrail directly to a wall, attach a mounting bracket to the wall. Mount the brackets on the wall by screwing into place at the required rail height.

If the surface of the wall is plaster or plaster, mount the anchor bolts on the wall to provide a secure mounting for your screws. Once you have placed all the railing posts and wall mounting brackets, install the rails. Installation of the vinyl railing is a matter of placing the railing between the mountains and keeping it in place with screws. Once you have installed the support structure, mount the lower rail, connecting the rail to the mounts on the wall and rail posts. Vinyl deck railing kits comes in pre-set lengths that you will need to cut to fit precisely with the installation.

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