Acrylic Lace Pool Deck Ideas

Nov 25th

Acrylic lace pool deck is a popular do-it-yourself project because people like to relax their pools. If you have a pool installed you know how expensive it can be, so building the pool deck yourself will save money and could be a nice project. If you have a good plan in mind and the right equipment, your project will run much smoother. You also have several options, so choose one that fits your home and your knowledge and ability.

Acrylic Lace Pool Deck Colors

Above ground pool deck

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An above acrylic lace pool deck is usually in the back yard. It is portable and will sometimes come down in winter. Keep this in mind when building your tires. It’s a good idea to build the tire in sections, so it can be removed easily. You can also simply empty the pool in the winter if you plan to leave it outside. Most above ground pool tires are built on posts made of 4-by-4 rays to lift the deck platform to the height of the pool. These tires can be built in trapezoidal sections that can fit around the pool in a modular way. Build one or two sections; you can add them next season. In ground pool tires can be built of wood, concrete or outdoor tiles. To build a wooden deck, use 2-by-6 boards as a log and lay on 4-times-4 posts. Run the posts in the ground or set them in concrete-filled holes, which serve as a foundation. When 2-by-6 boards are laid out like logs, the wooden deck can be placed across them and nailed into place. These tires can be built in almost any shape and placed in any position around the pool.

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Tiles Tires

A tray deck is another great option for an i-ground pool. The deck is usually installed on the flat ground, although it can also be installed over a slab of concrete poured around the pool. Your soil determines the material you use as a basis, and it is advisable to consult a professional before you begin construction. Another option, if you’re not sure about installing your own tile deck, is lined brick or stone tiles. These can be laid in even ground over a layer of crushed stones. High-quality lap bricks are long lasting and provide a non-slick, attractive surface perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun. Keeping your acrylic lace pool deck looking nice can be a full time job. It gets constantly moist with pool water and runs on all the time and sometimes exposed to your pool chemical treatments. There is a very easy way to get your tires look nice again.


Scratch the concrete surface with a flat shovel to loosen surface debris. Power wash tires to remove all debris. Allow the concrete to dry for a few hours and sweep up remaining debris. Apply a thin layer of bonded glue to concrete with a roller. This will allow the new surface of the concrete to adhere to the old surface. Mix dry concrete with water according to the bag instructions. For this application, normal moisture is desirable consistency. Spread the concrete over the top of the old surface. Use your filler to smooth it out as much as you can. Because it’s a pool deck, you do not want the surface to be too smooth because people could slide. Therefore, do not moisten filler when spreading the concrete because it will result in a very slicker finish.

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