Celebrating HRevolution

While those in the HR space who are highly active on twitter may have heard about (or even attended) the HRevolution conference last weekend in Louisville, KY, there are probably countless others who heard nothing about it.  The conference was born out of a random tweet several months back and quickly morphed into an unconference which was delivered with less time to plan than most conferences.  In all, approximately 50 HR professionals, bloggers, consultants, and vendors participated in the event which was coordinated, planned, and executed by Trish McFarlane, Steve Boese, Ben Eubanks, and Crystal Peterson

Rather than tell you all about it, I wanted to celebrate, discuss, and learn from others who participated.  To that end, please check out the following posts from others:

- HREvolution in Trish McFarlane’s words here
- Notes and Observations from Steve Boese
- Summary of the event from Crystal Peterson
- Video explanation of HRevolution from Ben Eubanks
- Summary of the event from Lance Haun – Your HR Guy

Lastly, Steve Boese and I will be hosting a special HR_Tech chat on Wednesday, November 11th at 1:00 PM EDT devoted to learnings from the HRevolution unconference. Please join us for the discussion.  If you haven’t ever participated in one of our HR Tech chats, Lois Melbourne of Aquire has a terrific blog post explaining the basics and how you can participate.

I’m looking forward to everyone’s comments and thoughts on Wednesday.

HR Technology Conference Review – Chat Wrap Up

We’ve just completed the 5th monthly HR Tech Chat on twitter and have to say that this was one of the most highly participated in and most lively discussions we’ve had to date.  Over the course of 60 our minutes of formal discussion there were nearly 200 individual tweets from 25 different individuals from the HR Technology industry including Analysts, consultants, CEOs, practitioners, academics, vendors, and other various elements of the market space.

The discussion was themed around observations from the 2009 HR Technology Conference.  Some of the key takeaways from the discussion were:

  1. Mid-Market Track – The HR Technology Conference should have an additional agenda track setup specifically for the needs of mid-market organizations.  While hearing what Nike, Dell, Nokia and other large organizations have done to address specific challenges HR Tech related, there is a belief that the needs of mid-market are similar but require different approach to solving.  Having a mid-market track added to the conference would provide valuable content to a fairly large segment of the attendee population.
  2. New Name?  - Jason Averbook of Knowledge Infusion suggested that the space rebrand itself to be more encompassing than just HR and adopt Workforce Technology as its new name.   See Jason’s Comment on Twitter here.  Jason was suggesting that the focus needs to be expanded beyond just HR since most HR applications now touch the entire workforce in one way or another – from social collaboration capabilities, to holistic talent management.
  3. Muddled Messaging – As with many conferences the marketing messages tend to all sound the same, and at HR Tech the same was true.  Whether it was a business intelligence vendor using Talent Management branding to highlight their ability to provide insights into an organization’s workforce capabilities or a payroll vendor’s desire to tie the day-to-day function of payroll to part of total rewards as a subset of talent management – the messages became too much to untangle.  Whether this is due to everyone working towards the same end goal or simply too many vendor’s marketing teams clamoring to scream the most popular phase louder than the others remains to be seen.
  4. New Shoot-out – The vendor shootout is one of the most highly anticipated events at every year’s conference.  There was some discussion on how it would be helpful to hold two shootouts; one for enterprise organizations and a second one targeted towards mid-sized companies.  

Overall it was a terrific discussion and I would like to thank the following people for participating:

Naomi Bloom of Bloom & Wallace – InFullBloomUS
Jason Averbook of Knowledge Infusion – jasonaverbook
Jim Holincheck of Gartner –  jimholincheck
Beth Carvin of Nobscot – bncarvin
Sarah White of HRM Direct – sarahw79
Michael Krupa of Charles Schwab – pdxmikek
Kevin Grossman of HRMarketer.com – KevinWGrossman
Chuck Gillespie  of Vigor HR – crgillespie
Debbie Brown formerly of ADP – debbiejbrown
Ross Smith of SilkRoad – rossmith
Andy Gebavi of Knowledge Infusion – agebavi
Wendy Tandon of Salary.com – wtandon
David Shadovitz of HRE Magazine – dshadovitz
Nenshad Bardoliwalla formerly of SAP – nenshad
David Vanheukelom of Vana Consulting – vanheukelom
Daniel Debow of Rypple – ddebow
Nate Kimmons of DeriveLive – natekimmons

And last but not least my Co-Host for the event, Steve Boese of Rochester Institute of Technology – SteveBoese

For those who would like to review the archive of the chat, please check here:  http://ow.ly/uqd3

HR Technology Conference Review – via Twitter

On October 14th at 1:00 PM I invite you to join me and a host of others for an online discussion of the various observations from the 2009 HR Technology Conference held last week in Chicago.  Joining the discussion will be a variety of individuals who are part of the HR Technology space – analysts, vendors, consultants, educators, and consumers of technology.

If you’ve never joined one of our HR_Tech chats before I would encourage you to read this terrific post here by Steve Boese which explains exactly how to participate in the discussion.

The discussion is always interesting, lively, and can at times get quite entertaining.  If your schedule permits I strongly recommend checking it out.

I hope to see you online on the 14th