Abandoned Properties

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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it appears that the economy is slowly recovered from the depths of the worst recession in the last 75+ years.  Sales are up, earnings are up, fortunately the Dow and everyone’s 401(k) balances are up, and the employment picture is beginning to shake the off the cobwebs.  While many signs point towards better times ahead, if your neighborhood is anything like mine there are some signs of the toll the economy took on the housing market.

I live amongst many newer housing developments, many of which were incomplete as the recession really took hold in 2008.  As a result of the sharp drop in new home sales there were several developments that didn’t get started and others that remain semi-complete because builders went bankrupt, sales halted, and lenders stopped the flow of money that earlier fueled the growth in the housing market.  To compound the matter, many lost their jobs for an extended period of time, resulting in a skyrocketing foreclosure rate.  The visible remains of this situation are abandoned homes that seem out of place in a nicer neighborhood, unkempt lawns, un-shoveled driveways, and hedges in need of some trimming.

It’s been 132 days since I last authored a post on here.  And as much as I hate to admit it, some might believe that my “online home” here appears to be abandoned just like some homes in my neighborhood.  While I’m clearly not properly keeping up the property, I’m also not  quite ready to declare the property abandoned.

Why I’ve neglected my blog lately:

  1. Daily life has consumed more of my time than I have available.  While I can make various excuses as to what I’ve been spending my time on lately, I would prefer to be honest.  When I’ve had available time, I have chosen to focus my energies on other things.  Reconnecting with my family, catching up on the “Honey Do” list at home, and other personal commitments.
  2. Lack of creative energy to consistently write blog entries.  I am a confused Human Resources / Information Technology consultant who happens to have many skills of which creative writing is not one.  Writing doesn’t necessarily come natural to me as I’m much more comfortable with a dry erase marker and/or powerpoint.  I often speak in 140 character sound bites or in links to the works of others
  3. I create in different media.  I’m often still on twitter, linkedin, facebook, and other social media outlets.
  4. I’ll be out presenting more in the future.  I have sessions coming up in April and May with plans for more in the second half of the year.


One thing is certain – I will begin writing again, and likely somewhat soon.  I encourage you to keep an eye out for new content soon.  Meanwhile, trust me…payday loans online this is no abandoned property.



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  1. A likely story. Family before work?!? Are you in the IT industry? How about getting back on the HR Technology Conference group on LinkedIn, Bryon? We miss you there.

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