4 Things That Won’t Suck – My New Years Resolutions

For the last few weeks everyone has been writing about their predictions for 2010 – myself included, but honestly who cares what I predict for the new year. I can predict the Chicago Cubs willing the world series, but the likelihood of that happening in 2010 is about as real as me winning the lottery… maybe even less likely. So rather than pontificate about what might happen, I’m calling myself out and personally making the following four commitments for 2010.

Things that I promise won’t suck in 2010:

1. My Blog- I maintain this blog as a way to share my random thoughts on all things HR technology related, but at the same time if its not interesting for others, I might as well talk to myself in the shower. But since folks like you have invested their limited time in reading this blog I need to provide something of value in exchange for your investment.

2. My Tweets – If you’re not following me on twitter, you should. Click here to check out my tweets. I tweet nearly daily, and often multiple times a day on a wide assortment of topics. I try to be as personal as possible with my tweets, mixing in both retweets from others of interesting content along with my personal contributions to the community. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss a few minutes of your life goodbye.

3. My work/life balance – As a consultant the hours at times can be a bit challenging. Client deadlines, variable workloads, travel, etc can result in much longer hours than one might imagine. In 2010 I commit to myself and my family to do a better job of balancing my personal and professional time. This means more focused, efficient sprints at work coupled with more quality time with my growing family. I’m very fortunate to have the ability to maintain a somewhat flexible schedule and work for a firm that is extremely supportive in their employees efforts to maintain a reasonable work/life balance.

4. My unwavering commitment to help move the industry up and to the right – doing what I can to help educate people, encourage vendors to evolve product in a certain direction, help my clients transform their business, and contributing at various industry events such as the HR Technology Conference.

I’ve shared my resolutions. What are yours?

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