The New York Yankees of Consulting

"The New York Yankees"The New York Yankees have won more World Series Championships than any other team in Major League Baseball.  Twenty Seven championships in the last 86 years.  Since they won their first in 1923, they’ve succeeded in winning 31.4% of all World Series.  If you include the years that they appeared in but didn’t win the series, the numbers are ever more staggering.  The next closest competitor has less than half the pennants that the Yankess have captured.  This is a sign of complete and utter domination – true masters of their craft.  You might not like them, but you have to respect their accomplishments.

The Yankees haven’t achieved this prolonged level of success by being lucky, they’ve carefully crafted their program to work a certain way.  Over the years, they have consistently identified and signed the best available talent (except for a 18 year stint through the 80’s and part of the 90’s).  They play to win and recognize that having the best talent is the way to win in Major League Baseball.

I’ve always been impressed with the level of talent that we have at Knowledge Infusion.  Jason Averbook, Heidi Spirgi, Jason Corsello, Wes Wu, are just a few of the big names on this team.  Recognizing that too much talent is a good problem to have, we’ve signed another big name free agent so to speak.  As of today, Steve Boese is part of the Knowledge Infusion team, bringing with him his well established reputation for being an innovative, insightful, and knowledgeable Human Resources Technology Professional.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve for the past 6 months in an informal manner through the monthly HR Tech chat that he and I co-host on twitter and have gotten to know him through twitter, Faceook, LinkedIn, BlogTalkRadio, and other social media.   I’m looking forward to working with him more formally in the future and glad to call him my collegue.

Steve – consider this your welcome message from me.  You are KI!  Now let’s go win some more games….

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