Pardon the Interruption….

No I haven’t stopped blogging – I’ve had to momentarily put things on pause while I attend to some matters with Mrs. HR Technologist.  I should be back blogging again shortly.

Meanwhile, please check out some of these other terrific HR and HR Technology blogs:

Jason Averbook – Knowledge Infuser
Naomi Bloom – In Full Bloom
Jason Corsello – The Human Capitalist
Steve Boese – Steve’s HR Technlogy Journal
Wes Wu – systematicHR
Trisha McFarlane – The HR Ringleader
Sarah White – I’m So Corporate
Kris Dunn – The HR Capitalist
Fistful of Talent – Fistful of Talent
Laurie Ruettimann – Punk Rock HR
William “I’m a new proud Papa” Tincup – JPIE
Mark Stelzner – Inflexion Point
Michael Krupta – Infobox
Lance Haun – Rehaul

I hope to be back to a more regular posting schedule soon.

3 thoughts on “Pardon the Interruption….

  1. BA –

    Thanks for the props for the Capitalist and FOT here. This lineup looks like the Yankees, with the exception of Averbook and Corsello.

    I kid. Who do you work for again?

    Great list – start blogging again when you can…


  2. Catching up…Thanks for the shoutout. I hope everything is okay with Mrs. Hr Technologist. I'll be here when you return to blogging.

  3. Thanks for including me on what has to be the best blog lineup I can think of. You know I'm thinking of you, Mrs. HR Technologist, and kiddos. Let me know if there's anything you need. Seriously.

    Look forward to your posts in the future.

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